TAPIGnome, a small systray tool with developer API

TAPIGnome is running in the systray. Dial, answer, disconnect by hotkey. Mark&Dial – Dial from clipboard, dial from hyperlinks tel: callto: phone: and much more….

Outlook Addin.

Dial from Lotus Notes.

Caller identification in Lotus Notes.

Usable as Com-Objekt (activeX) Comserver with events and DDE-Server and Client.

Command Interface.

  • 40 MB free disk space
  • TAPI driver 2.x
  • WTS and Citrix:  Multiline TAPI driver


Price per user in EUR excl. VAT

  • 1-10 User 44,00
  • 11-50 User 30,80
  • 51-100 User 21.56
  • 101-250 User 15,09
  • 251-500 User 10,56
  • more on request
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