The CTI phone manager allrounder…

DIALit is a TAPI based CTI application.

  • Dial with your PC keyboard or mouse click -> from all applications
  • Control your phone from your PC
  • Integration of existing applications like Outlook, Notes, Groupwise, Tobit, SAP, Navision, ABAS…
  • Complete journalizing –> also offline –> also in Groupware
  • Presence Management –> personal rules
  • Central user administration and fast SQL tables in the Enterprise version
  • Reminder, dial plans…
  • Caller identification -> who calls-> called direct or via hunt group…
  • Workgroup, Partner- and team- functions, Chat, XMPP Federation…
  • Mobile Gateway for DIALit Mobile (IOS and Android APP)

Main Window

Caller/Called PopUp

Partner Statusbar TeleTab




  • 40 MB free disk space
  • Professional:
    • TAPI driver 2.x
    • At WTS and Citrix:  Multiline TAPI driver
  • Enterprise Client:
    • Multiline (3.Party) TAPI Treiber (only at JServer)
    • Alternatively ek-soft connectors to Avaya or Unify

Office support up to Office 2016

GroupWise® Client ab 6.5

SAPgui (inkl. Sapshcut.exe) ab 4.51

Lotus Notes / Domino
Win-Clients Release 4.x, 5.x ,6.x, 7.x, 8.x und 9.x

JServer ( Enterprise)

  • Up to 2500 lines per Server
  • 500 MB free disk space
  • Multiline TAPI driver 2.x.
  • At AVAYA ACM or Integral alternative to QTAPI or conneCTIon one or more ek-soft AES/ACM Connector/s
  • At Unify/Siemens/Octopus alternative to Tapi170 one or more ek-soft Unify Connector/s


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