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18.12.2017: DIALit Mobile for IOS and Android available

1.7.2017: DIALit 4.4 is available

  • DIALit/TeleTab
  • New Line Button Design in DIALit and TeleTab
  • Design light/dark selectable
  • New TeleTab look
  • Dynamic userinterface
  • Define buttons as favorite
  • New compat mode
  • New Office Addin
  • Pictures can be resized an positioned
  • Phonebuttons panel in TeleTab
  • Pictures in history
  • Pictures in phonebook tables
  • Availability in history
  • Mobile App for Android and IOS in preparation
  • and many more….
  • Enterprise JServer 4.4
  • TAPI Driver (TSP 32- und 64-bit)  – real TAPI Server with ek-soft AES/ACM-, Integral- oder Unify-Connectors
  • DataPump 4.4
  • Import source Tobit David
  • Import source Groupwise

12.1.2017: ek-soft Unify/Siemens Connector available – no middleware like estos ECSTA required

10.5.2016:  Avaya Integral Connector available – no middleware like Avaya QServer required

6.2.2016:  Avaya AES/ACM Connector available – no middleware like Avaya QServer required

18.1.2016: XMPP Jabber support in TeleTab Chat

2.11.2015: DataLogger V4 – now with report scheduler: Auto-Report and Auto-Email

31.8.2015: kuando Busylight support in DIALit