DIALit Professional or Enterprise is fully plug & play compatible with BUSYLIGHT UC from  kuando™.

With the Busylight Interface in DIALit, everyone in the office can see now if a person is in a call, has a forwarding activated or does not want to be disturbed.

Additional DIALit offers a Partner Toolbar on PC’s Screen, where you can also see the status of your colleagues, like in a call (internal/external), line forwarded, absent, in a meeting…

Of course all other known DIALit Features are available in Busylight Mode.

DIALit status        Busylight color
Available            Green
Incoming call        Red flashing
Active call          Red
Dialtone, Ringback…  Yellow flashing
Do not disturb       Blue
(Button in DIALit)
Forwarding activated Yellow


How to activate Busylight in DIALit

  1. Connect Busylight UC to USB
  2. Select Settings-Configuration-General Settings and select “connect kuando BUSYLIGHT” and restart DIALit


System requirements

  • DIALit >= (Enterprise or Professional)
  • kuando BUSYLIGHT Lync/UC (SKU 15306)
  • USB Port on PC Windows 7 / 8.x /10 / Server 2008 / Server2008 R2 /Server 2012 /Server 2012 R2 (Terminal Server is not supported)
  • TAPI Driver